why don’t you intend to?

Part of sustaining a consumerist society is convincing people that they need new clothes/ products every season. This type of thinking is perpetuated by businesses who appeal to our cultural and psychological needs. We form our identities and creativity based on these prompts we get every time a new product is released on the market. We continue to purchase new products despite the knowledge we have.

Change is a result of small, meaningful and consistent actions. If we make it our mission to not contribute to impulsive and uncontrolled buying, we can force fashion producers to cut down on their production output. Less production means higher product quality, reduced waste, lower operating costs and better decision making from both parties.

The power possessed by consumers is immense because although we do not sit in chain supply meetings, our money is the deciding factor for how businesses operate. When we collectively decide to make strategic changes, we also push operations managers to direct their personnel and monitor production systems. Just like a flower starts with a seed, so will we as we make small and meaningful fashion choices every single day.

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