When I first bought my toughees I was searching for a practical shoe, something comfortable, stylish and supportive for my rather large feet. My research took me down memory lane, it had been years since I’d worn a school uniform, but I remembered how the shoes would always outlast the rest of the uniform. The shoes went seamlessly with tunics or pants, they transcended seasons and once damaged they could be fixed. Thinking about this made me realise that purchasing a pair of toughees would not only be a sound financial investment it would be, high-key, a sustainable one too.

A standard, durable shoe meant that I no longer had reason to purchase more shoes because I had a pair that went seamlessly with almost every outfit. I would preserve the leather of the shoe with polish, a substance used to prevent water damage and extremities of changing weather conditions. With sustainability, the aim is to consume with clarity and understanding so as to avoid waste and over-consumption. This means that although eco-friendly materials are better to use, it is also very helpful to revive the clothing items we already have by preserving them and ensuring their longevity.

Simple all black outfit. Thrifted leather bag, toughees shoes and handed down pants.

Preservation of clothing should be encouraged more to ensure sustainability and endurance. We need to get in the habit of preserving our clothes, much like we protect our cellphones and other gadgets, because although clothing materials are readily available, we need to always think about responsible production and consumption patterns.

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