Reusable bags; the future of waste free fashion.


The fashion industry has proven to be one of the most ecologically harmful businesses in the world. This not includes their official business model, but the waste associated with the movement of fashion is just as alarming. Single use plastic bags have been an issue in our midst, not only through the fashion industry but across retail altogether. The retail market needs to begin considering how to sell more reusable custom made bags instead of providing single use plastic bags for consumers. Custom made recyclable shopping bags provide marketing, a decrease in ecological destruction and involves consumers in a movement towards change.

Recyclable bags

Custom made recyclable bags will provide an excellent addition to the marketing model of a fashion business. These bags not only carry clothes from the store to the car, but they also offer brand visibility. The bags are a way to ensure that the brand is associated with eco-friendly practices, innovative solutions to getting rid of single use plastic bags and reducing the pressure caused by single use plastics bags over the years. The link that is missing between using recyclable bags through brand visibility is caused by a lack of cultural transformation within the retail space.

Providing customers with the opportunity to take part in a cultural shift will allow brands to create longevity with them, especially those with families. A lifestyle shift also becomes viable when consumers are provided with opportunities to be more environmentally friendly and to save money in the long run. A Harvard Business School report has proven that reusable bags make people buy more organic products as well.

Natural Fibre Bags

Although not enough retailers are providing reusable bags yet, some consumers are taking it upon themselves to use recyclable bags in order to ease the ecological pressure provided by single use plastic bags. A rise in the utilisation of reusable bags means there will be less plastic rotating, however, it will be even more beneficial when the bags are made from natural and renewable materials. Bamboo, for example, can be used in the manufacturing of recyclable bags because it is biodegradable and a natural resource.

Bamboo is a resource that can be used for a number of products such as making paper and packaging for food, making it a multi-purpose resource. Unlike materials made from trees, bamboo does not require the entire plant to be useful, it only requires a piece of the plant to be used and this provides environmental relief because it can be harvested swiftly with quicker results and more eco-friendly products to circulate.

Final Remarks

Going green through shopping bags incorporates the use of less pollution prone resources used in the circulation of fashion, not only through the clothes but by the materials they are carried in as well. More consumers will be given the opportunity to partake in constructive environmental relief with very little effort on their part, giving them more use and value for their money. Brands stand to gain more exposure with each use of the recycled bags, loyalty from consumers and an overall shift in culture within the fashion and retail industries. The shift in culture, lifestyle and mindsets of fashion producers and consumers will also ensure that endangered resources will be given the opportunity to grow on account of more natural and biodegradable resources being explored and used.

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