Garment Disposal: Why we need to adopt a responsible policy.

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What garment disposal policies do we need to reduce textile waste?Previously, I have written about the importance of sorting through clothes to determine wearability. This was to ensure involvement with the process of disposing clothes to better understand irresponsible dumping and its negative environmental effects. These clothes wash up on our oceans, rivers and, lakeshores, places where clothes should not end up. I want this piece to reflect how irresponsible disposal of clothing is a test of climate change and sustainable development in the fashion industry.

Irresponsible garment disposal

It is our responsibility to ensure that the brands we buy from, effectively guide us through the disposal process. However, with brands such as Coach, it becomes even more difficult to determine the truth behind their labels. A collaboration between producers, retailers and, consumers is necessary to account for every step of the garment’s life. This will reduce the level of irresponsibility from brands and greenwashing, because everyone will have a task when it comes to the life cycle of a garment.

Garment disposal has become a matter of importance because of the garments that are produced daily in large quantities. Some many companies and organizations claim to support sustainability, yet continue to add more waste to the environment. These organizations should be held accountable for saying one thing and then doing another. The coalitions I propose will be responsible for holding each party accountable.

Garment disposal education

Education is our most important tool here because we need to separate each process from the next with careful consideration and clear understanding. Consumers are forced to be more than just consumers because they are now forced to think before consuming. They need to be considerate of the environment whenever purchasing new garments, even pre-loved ones. The issue here is that there are still way too many people who do not understand this phenomenon. This is why we make this information available so that even the people remotely curious about sustainability can understand that it is not only about creating more garments by using sustainable materials.


True sustainability is an all encompassing process, a process of connecting steps. Newcomers to the movement should understand the lifestyle, one dedicated to the wellbeing of our ecosystem and the conservation of our remaining resources. More people need to understand that sustainability is no longer a choice but a requirement for future generations to have a planet to inhabit as well.

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