Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney, one of the first fashion designers to adopt a sustainable business model. Over the years she has been known to reference her upbringing, living on an organic farm and being vegetarian as her inspiration to embracing this approach… Read More »Stella McCartney


When I first bought my toughees I was searching for a practical shoe, something comfortable, stylish and supportive for my rather large feet. My research took me down memory lane, it had been years since I’d worn a school uniform,… Read More »TOUGHEES THURSDAY

Quick thoughts…..

Angela Kelly, British fashion designer and the Queen’s longtime dressmaker, revealed in her memoir “The Other Side of the Coin (2019)” that the queen would no longer wear fur. Any new garments made for the monarch, including coats, hats and… Read More »Quick thoughts…..


Green retailing refers to the management approach that pursues environmental protection to improve the retail value chain through eliminating waste, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Responsible Fashion Production

The earth is relying on us to take care of it and our current climate is far from healthy. Considering new production methods within the fashion industry will ensure that we see a brighter future both for the industry and the earth.

Slow Fashion

According to a 2016 Oxfam report, more than 15 million people who work in the clothing manufacturing industry are based in developing countries worldwide, with more than 80% comprising of women often too young to work and from poor rural… Read More »Slow Fashion