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How to set sustainable fashion goals in 2022.

Sustainable fashion goals in 2022 might seem unachievable due to the industry’s inability to set the standard and stick with it. Below are some of the sustainable fashion trends to look out for this year. Introduction The fashion industry has been championing sustainability for over a decade with very little success due to issues such …

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Procrastination: The dream killer/ delayer?

Procrastinate: To defer action. I believe we have all experienced procrastination at one point or another. This can mean deferring action of any kind, school work, cooking, seeing friends, or even working on the goals and dreams we have set ourselves. The outcome of this is always disappointment in ourselves or blame as to why …

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Upcycling: The Solution to Waste Generation

Introduction The world is seeing a lot of innovations with regard to the growing threat of climate change and socio-environmental damage in favour of profits. One such innovation, aimed at reducing the impact of waste on natural resources, is Upcycling. This article will focus on one woman making a difference in this regard, Winnie McHenry. …

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When Sustainable Innovation meets Culture.

“For this article we look at the work of Thando Simelane and Katlego Tsoagong, two young sustainable innovators making use of pre-existing sneaker soles and cultural influences to design their version of Air Imbadada. Imbadada are sandals made from cut-up tyres typically worn by people of the Zulu culture, but also revered across the country.”

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The Exploitation of Sustainability Metrics.

Introduction The fashion industry, like most industries in the last 20 years, has been challenged to give realistic solutions for their waste streams. As a result, consumers have seen numerous innovations to ensure adherence to the triple bottom line through sustainability. Although much work has gone into defining sustainability and its global adoption, many still …